Denise is passionate about men and women being set free from the work of the enemy and being
restored back to God’s original design. Denise does not necessarily deliver a “feel good” message
but speaks about harsh realities of the journey. Her messages are not designed to just inspire or
encourage but on some level start the transformation process, so individuals can become who God
created them to be and do what He created them to do.



Speaking topics include:

  • Distorted beliefs about ourselves and God.
  • How our wounds and scars affect our relationships with others and God.
  • Revealing our invisible wounds so the Great Physician can heal us.
  • Exposing and removing the lies that are buried deep in the heart and replacing them with God’s truths.
  • Going through the Refiner’s fire.
  • How Satan conceals our true identity by using our family, our culture, and sometimes even the Church.
  • Spiritual consequences of common events and decisions.
  • Exercising authority in Christ (casting out demons, breaking off curses etc.).

Denise would love to be considered as the speaker for your event or conference. To request her as a speaker, click here to send an e-mail.