The True Meaning Of Christmas

When I was a child I loved the Christmas season. Mom would bake cookies and candy. Garland and mistletoe hung all around. The highlight of course was Santa bringing gifts. As an adult I continued to enjoy the traditions of the holiday; trimming the tree, hanging lights, exchanging gifts. That […]

Musings of God

I believe that God is intimately involved with everything that happens. There is not one thing that takes Him by surprise. I also believe that God is always good, and there is no evil in Him. Therefore He cannot do evil things. He does allow us, and Satan, to do […]

It is written… 1

I used to think a prodigal son was someone who went out into the world to lead a sinful life. But that is not the only path to the pigsty. About six years ago I was in the pigsty alongside the prodigal son, and not because I ran off to […]