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You can’t simultaneously be who God created you to be and the person Satan molded you into.

WE ARE PERFECTLY DESIGNED BY GOD. He drafts our blueprint with distinct characteristics, traits, gifts, and talents and stamps it on our spirit before we are born. Unfortunately, Satan often succeeds at concealing our true identity when we are young. He uses an array of influences such as our family, our culture, and even the Church to wound and scar us. This not only stifles God’s original design, but we end up engraved with Satan’s trademark. We don’t realize that we’ve been altered because much of Satan’s work is either subtle or completely invisible.

The Refiner’s fire can expose the hidden secrets of the heart!

Do you think the past can’t be changed because the damage is done? Spiritual destruction can be undone because in Christ, you have redemption from all of Satan’s work, including the impact it has on your heart, the reactions it produces in you, and even his work that becomes a part of who you are.

As you read this book, invite the Holy Spirit to reveal where your blueprint has been distorted and allow Him to restore you back to God’s original design. Only then can you be who God created you to be and do what He created you to do. This is your true freedom in Christ!


 Original Design is a treasure chest of personal stories, valuable examples, and the most relevant Scriptures. If you are seeking the peace and happiness that our Father intended for us to enjoy, Denise’s experience, as told in this book, will give you a boldness to put on the Armor of God and fight against the enemy who works to destroy us all.”

–Peggy Joyce Ruth, author of Tormented, Eight Years and Back, Trust the Lord and You will not be Disappointed,
and several books for various ages titled, Psalm 91: God’s Shield of Protection.

Denise’s story is truly proof of the power of the spoken word. The unloving and abusive words she experienced in her young life not only brought pain and anguish to her soul but also, although unknowingly, curses over her life. Satan whispered words into her mind that distorted her view of herself and kept her from seeing herself as God sees her; keeping her from becoming the amazing woman who God created her to be.

Although wounded by the words spoken over her and the lies of the enemy, Denise was able to humble herself before God and learn the true power of speaking God’s word. With the help of a wise, dedicated mentor and prayer warrior, she was able to declare God’s truth over her life breaking curses, releasing strongholds and rejecting lies. She learned to exercise the authority given to her by Jesus Christ.

I recommend this book for absolutely everyone as the devil doesn’t discriminate. He’s determined to destroy all of God’s children. Denise’s perseverance in prayer and strength in declaring God’s word in the face of the enemy is amazing. She is an inspiration to all those engaged in spiritual warfare.

–Amy Matter