Do demons play a role in addiction?


At the end of my last blog I promised to share an example of what exercising our authority in Christ looks like.

A few years back I was talking with a woman from a church I attended. At the time I was being harshly attacked by the enemy, and I remarked to her that at least I couldn’t be possessed by a demon. She disagreed and then told me her story.

She said, “When I came to the Cross my sins were forgiven, but unbeknown to me, I had a spirit of addiction living inside. For ten years I was filled with the Holy Spirit and used by God, but I was a slave to the demon and couldn’t stop using cocaine.”

Having worked in healthcare with addicts, I felt a bit skeptical.

She went on. “I knew an elderly man who had spiritual authority and asked him to deliver me. As he spoke to the spirit, I became aware of something looking out from my eyes. Feelings of hatred toward this man welled up inside me—those feelings belonged to the demon. Experienced in these matters, he saw the spirit looking at him and prayed more fervently. The demon came out, and my addiction was gone. As the demon left, it felt as if someone was pulling a sheet out of my body.”

I believed her testimony. However, it went against what I had learned in church—that you can’t be filled with the Holy Spirit and possessed by demons at the same time.

I studied the topic and found some reputable sources that concluded that people can have demons in them even after being saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. There are two distinct facets of demon possession, one in which a demon takes over a person entirely—spirit, soul, and body, and one in which a demon lives in a person, yet the person is not completely possessed by it. I believe the former is involved with people who are mentally ill and the latter is associated with people like you and me.

Next time I’ll give my personal testimony on this subject.

In Christ,


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